Home Inspections

The decision to buy or sell a home is not a decision you should take lightly, therefore you need accurate and reliable information about the property.  Read more…

Pre-Listing Consultation

Pre-Listing Consultation. Is a fast-paced, verbal-only walkthrough of the owner’s home in preparation for listing. The property owner takes detailed notes as we visit all of the components and systems in the home. I explain in detail what a buyer will be looking for, and what the buyer’s home inspector will likely include in their inspection report. This service allows the owner to make decisions on whether to repair, replace or upgrade the various items identified, without the deadline of a closing date. Read more…

Reliable Quality Home Inspections will provide you with reliable information to make an inform decision about the property.

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Please ensure that the utilities (water, electricty and gas) will be on by the day of the inspection. If any of the utilities are off, the inspection may be limited. If rescheduling the same day of an inspection, a fee will be charged.